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Research topic IT

BioIT: Central biostatistics and bioinformatics support


Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali
Institute of Bioinformatics
University Medicine Greifswald


Background and significance

All projects in RTG-PRO require support in biostatistics and bioinformatics. As several projects have advanced data analysis tasks, especially proteomics experiments and multi-omics data integration, data analysis workflows are required to solve complex problems in statistics, bioinformatics, and mathematical modelling.

Specific aims and work plan

BioIT pursues three central aims: (1) To provide statistics support to members of RTG-PRO, (2) to provide omics data analysis expertise and bioinformatics services to the RTG, and (3) to provide an educational program in applied biostatistics and bioinformatics to PhD researchers and postdocs of RTG-PRO. To achieve this, Bio-IT will serve as a one-stop-shop for data analysis support, including experiment design, descriptive and inferential statistics and bioinformatics / modelling support. Moreover, BioIT will offer a regular statistics / bioinformatics consultation service (Round Table) for doctoral researchers and PIs from the RTG.

Biostatistics support will be provided to all projects and members of the RTG as needed. It will encompass all steps of data analysis from experiment design / experiment planning (e.g. sample sizes, number of replicates, choice of controls etc.), through statistical quality control, data normalization, explorative / descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, all the way to the generation of appropriate figures and methods sections for manuscripts.

Bioinformatics support will be provided mainly for high-throughput and omics data analysis, especially advanced proteomic data analysis. BioIT’s portfolio further comprises methods for downstream data analysis, e.g., differential expression, annotation, pathway mapping / gene ontology analysis etc., network analysis, and multi-omics data integration.

Last but not least, we will offer a comprehensive teaching program, that addresses educational needs in bioinformatics and biostatistics as part of RTG-PRO’s qualification program.